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LIKE YOU I have played at some of the finest casinos in the world from Vegas, to Atlantic City, the Caribbean (Aruba, St. Kitts, Puerto Rico, Nassau, Curacao), to Monte Carlo and Australia. It quenched my thirst for travel and the thrill of playing blackjack around the world. As a player I have encountered some rude, some indifferent and also some of the finest and most courteous hosts in the world. I've built this site to be your personal host so  that when you do travel to these casinos you will allow me to show you the respect and service a player of your caliber deserves.

As an Independent Representative we are licensed by the Nevada Gaming Commission and are sponsored by the gaming resorts we represent. Whether on the casino floor or online you can be assured of the highest in quality service.

I have made some amazing contacts within the business and would hope that you would allow me to use my numerous contacts to book your next gaming trip. I will ensure that your needs are met and your stay is a memorable one. Let me be your host to these exciting casinos and keep checking back for info on upcoming trips. If you decide on a trip fill out the BOOK A TRIP page and let me try and comp your next gaming adventure!! You can also email me at

Let me set you up as a player at your favourite casino, call 647-933- 7221.


Remember "The Legendary Righteous Brothers" !!

Had the time of my life ( Yes also one of their songs) meeting this amazing talent at Harrah's Las Vegas. If you get a chance to see this great talent and hear the timeless songs of Bill Medley and the late Bobby Hatfield take a break from gaming and see this show. Was thrilled recently to meet Bill Medley and his new addition to the show Bucky Heard. Book your trip now!!